Our Locations

How our outclinic system works

Veterinary specialist centres tend to be scattered and have very large catchment areas which can mean a lot of travelling for clients. For many years Eye Veterinary Clinic has sought to address this problem by running outclinics where we are hosted by another practice for consultation clinics. We regard this as an important aspect of our service. One outclinic can save 500-1000 client car miles and owners really appreciate the saving in travelling. We have continued to expand our outclinic service in recent years, a map of all the clinic locations can be found below. We remain very grateful to the host clinics for allowing us to use their facilities.

We currently run outclinics at the locations listed on the drop down menu (where you can also access the future clinic dates). If you feel one of these locations would be more convenient for you then do mention it when making an appointment and we can give you the dates and locations of clinics near you.

Appointments are limited, And must be made centrally by us here at Eye Vet Clinic (NOT THROUGH THE HOST CLINIC) Please call 01568 616616 to do so.

At the outclinics we can carry out normal consultations and pre-operative and post-operative assessments. All major and minor surgical procedures are carried out at our clinic at Leominster where we have trained staff and specialist equipment to give the best service. For patients that require surgery we can can do the pre-operative assessment and then the follow-up appointments at the outclinic depending on appointment availability, which is a great convenience to clients.

We do not perform hereditary eye screening at our outclinics

 **PLEASE NOTE....we have large waiting lists for appointments at our outclinics, if you cannot make your appointment, please give 48 hours (or more) if you need to cancel, so we can offer your appointment to another patient.  Thank you **